Coming Soon: TDS 5.6!

We're pleased to announce that TDS 5.6 has entered beta testing! As always, our goal was to improve developer productivity; download the beta today.

Save Time

TDS reduces your deployment time by allowing you to leverage a continuous integration or automated deployment strategy.

Ensure Team Integration

Allowing you to leverage Source Control means that all of the constant changes, made during a usual project, merge seamlessly. New editions to your team are also up to speed in moments.

Easily Move Code

TDS allows you to create an environment in which you can easily and quickly move code from your local environment through all the way through your development workflow. 

Secure Your Work

Secure your changes amongst your team and through out time by making sure your work is properly controlled and maintained in Source Control. 

Trusted Worldwide

Team Development for Sitecore is globally accepted by individual to enterprise teams for Sitecore development and deployment methods.
Just ask our friends! 

"TDS is a great product. I could have never managed my company's configuration management without it"

Tom Paterno

"TDS enables our content editors and all our developers to work together side by side. With all the independent work merged together and checked into source control we have our entire solution in one place. From here we make release snapshots that are effortlessly deployed to test, stage and release environments. Without TDS we would have to do much more manual work, now we only really need to merge Sitecore items with TDS and check-in."

Hallvar HellesethAvenir

"TDS has been working fantastically. This was the one thing we needed to enable our developers to work locally and not share a development database and be getting in each other’s way. So that alone has been a huge help. The site we just launched took around 6-7 weeks and I don’t think that would’ve been possible without TDS."

Blair Scott Digital Day

"#sitecore #sitecorerocks brought to the ultimate level. So cool."

Lars NielsenVP Technical Marketing Sitecore (via Twitter 12/10/2010)

"@sitecore, @hhogdev TDS and @teamcity is the best CMS integration build experience I've ever had. A special thank you goes to @hhogdev for TDS which makes it all possible and for their fantastic support. Hoping a similar tool will come to #umbraco one day soon."

Rasmus Lynggard @raly360 - Twitter 3/15/2011

Video Gallery

This video will give you a first look at Managing your Sitecore Roles in TDS.

Auto Sync allows users to sync multiple projects programmatically.

Easily build TDS projects on cloud build servers with NuGet.

Delta Builds: never waste a build on the same thing twice.

The Deployment Property Manager gets a face-lift in TDS 5.5

Simplify your builds on build servers using our NuGet Package!

Form an action after deploying the project or installing an update!

Improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects!

TDS Validators look for problems in a project and alert you at build time.

An enhancement to the Update Package generator!

This video demonstrates the Sync Using History feature in TDS 5.1.



We offer discounts to Sitecore MVPs, Non-Profits and companies buying in bulk. Email us to see if you apply. 


TDS is licensed per developer. This allows developers to work on multiple machines. Read our licensing agreements. 

Support Terms

With TDS, the first year of Support & Maintenance comes free. Read our reasons to renew to learn why you should renew.