TDS Classic Renewal

Maintenance and Support Renewal

There are many reasons to renew your TDS Support and Maintenance license but the ones that matter most are ensuring uninterrupted access to all the benefits afforded to you!

An active TDS Classic Maintenance and Support agreement provides your team with several advantages during the coverage period (typically one year).

Benefits include:

  • Access to all TDS Classic improvements

This includes bug fixes, and feature enhancements.  To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, TDS Classic undergoes at least two major releases per year.  Additionally, TDS Classic is frequently updated to guarantee top-notch compatibility with the evolving Sitecore, Visual Studio, and Source Control technologies.

  • Unlimited direct access to our product development team

Our Support Team is not only here to assist with any TDS Classic issue or question, but is also available for project guidance and product tips to ensure peak efficiency. All inquiries are supervised by TDS Classic Lead Developer and Sitecore MVP Charlie Turano.

  • Access to our email support newsletter

Our monthly email newsletter contains the latest thought-leadership on our flagship product, including product tips, tricks, updates, and announcements.

  • Early access to new product and beta releases 

We are continuously advancing our software offerings and we want your team to be the first to try them!

By renewing on-time, you ensure that your team will continue to receive these key benefits, and you'll protect your investment in TDS Classic.
For additional information please visit the Renewal FAQ tab above or contact us with any questions.

What is a renewal?
Your TDS Classic license must be renewed and or extended prior to its expiry date.  
What happens if I don’t renew?
An expired license is not eligible to receive the benefits of the Maintenance and Support agreement.  You will no longer have access to product updates, and you will lose access to our product development team as well as the support newsletter.  You will be required to purchase new licenses at full price when an upgrade becomes necessary.
Are there any risks associated with not renewing my licenses?
Yes, by continuing to use an expired license you will be risking your compatibility with other required programs such as Sitecore and Visual Studio.  Depending on your configuration, security risks may apply as our previous versions are not continuously maintained.
How do I know when my license coverage will expire?
Upon initial purchase of TDS Classic licenses, the license expire date will be set to 1 year from the purchase date.  TDS Classic includes a pop-up notification which will begin to appear 45 days prior to the expire date.  Additionally, our sales team will email a reminder along with renewal purchasing instructions prior to the expire date.
What is the cost to renew TDS Classic?

The renewal fee is $299.60 per license for one year of coverage. 

How do I purchase a TDS Classic Renewal?
Our sales team will email renewal instructions for online purchasing to you prior to the license expire date.  If you prefer to purchase via Purchase Order, please request a formal quote from our team by emailing
Can I request a listing of my active licenses?
Yes, please email to request a list of your TDS Classic licenses.  Some licenses may have different expire dates, in which case we offer a co-term renewal which will align all licenses to a single expire date.
If I purchase additional licenses in the future, can the expire dates be aligned?

Yes.  However, a co-term renewal of your existing licenses may be necessary as the minimum term for a new license is 12 months. Contact us for specific terms. 

What should I do if I am not receiving the renewal notification email?

Please email with your updated contact information.

Can I purchase a renewal agreement for a duration longer than one year?
 Yes, TDS Classic allows for extended renewal periods up to four years.  A discount is available for any extended renewal purchase of three years or more.
If I purchase additional licenses in the future, can the expire dates be aligned?
Yes.  However, a co-term renewal of your existing licenses may be necessary as the minimum term for a new license is 12 months.
Is it possible to reinstate an expired license?
We offer a 30-day grace period for renewal orders (30 days from the expire date).  Afterwards, a new license at full-cost is required.  Renewing your licenses on time will provide you a $449 savings versus the cost of a full priced replacement license.
How do I update my product following my renewal?
At the completion of your renewal order, the licenses are immediately eligible to receive the latest TDS Classic release.  Please click here to download the latest version.