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  • Watch our first demonstration of all the new features in TDS 5.0.

  • Team Development for Sitecore is the best practice standard for Sitecore development

  • This video will give you a first look at Managing your Sitecore Roles in TDS.

  • With the newest version of Team Development for Sitecore you no longer are limited to the file systems path length

  • Getting To Know Team Development For Sitecore

  • This video shows you the all new TDS diagramming tool, and Sitecore Rocks free plug-in version

  • This video demonstrates the Sync Using History feature in TDS 5.1

  • This short preview will give you a real good feel for what we have been doing with Team Development for Sitecore and integrating it with Sitecore Rocks

  • In this video we give you three quick troubleshooting tips to ensure that TDS has been configured correctly to access your deployment environment

  • In this video we quickly show you how to determine which version of team Development for Sitecore you have installed, and how to find out which version is the latest.

  • The Hedgehog team provides a look into Team Development for Sitecore.

  • On-ramping a new developer is a cinch with TDS. Get latest & GO!

  • Learn how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0!