Sitecore Packages and TDS

Sitecore Packaging Made Easy

Sitecore packages simplify the complex task of deploying changes to multiple environments in a way that is both consistent and repeatable; this lowers the cost of development while simultaneously increasing reliability. 

TDS is one of the few tools available that allow users to generate .update packages - which were created by Sitecore to handle product and module upgrades - in an uncomplicated and simple way.

Packaging 101
TDS has an ‘Update Packages’ tab where developers can turn on package creation for a build. This means that Sitecore-standard update packages will be created during build time, and developers can choose to use it to contain both compiled code and items, create separate packages (one for code and one for items), and/or create an items-only package. These variations allow developers to customize their own deployments.
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Bundle Multiple Projects into a Single Package

TDS allows Sitecore developers to automate the packaging process. By accessing the ‘Package Bundling’ section, users can select the other TDS projects they want to be included in the Update Package they are generating. This means users only need to manage one file for the entire solution’s build, instead of a package for each project. 

Delta Packages

Packages can be ‘shrunk’ down even further by telling TDS  ‘exclude items changed after’ a certain date during a build. This removes items known to have been previously pushed from the current package, shrinks the package contents, and saves a great deal of deployment time.

TDS Classic's Sitecore Package Deployer and Deployment Property Manager
Our open-source Sitecore Package Deployer installs packages automatically when they are pasted in a certain folder, and makes CI processes easier to implement.
It can also be used to automatically deploy update packages that have been copied into a folder on the Sitecore server, reducing the complexity of deployments.

The Deployment Property Manager allows users to deploy items to a Sitecore instance and allows them to further modify that deployment if they do not want the default behavior of every item in the TDS project deploying every time.
Sitecore Continuous Integration
Custom Post Deploy Steps

Developers can run custom code at the end of a package install. There are three post deploy steps available out of the box: Publish After Deploy, Update Link Database, and Trigger Save Events.  They are available on the ‘Deploy’ tab.

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