Sitecore Razl: Tool for Compare and Merge

Sitecore Razl 5.0 Now Available

The newest version of Razl is now available for download. This upgrade is included for users who have an active Razl subscription.

Compare & Merge Your Sitecore Databases

Razl allows developers to have a complete side by side comparison between two Sitecore databases, highlighting features that are missing or not up to date. Users can easily move missing items from one database to another.

Whether it's finding that one missing template, moving an entire database or shifting just one item, Razl allows developers to do it seamlessly.

From development to testing and post production, Razl makes itself useful in dozens of different Sitecore scenarios. Features like Deep Compare allow all items in a Sitecore tree to be compared, while Lightning Mode provides the information at lightning speed.

With numerous use cases that begin with the very first compare, experience the power of Razl for yourself!

New Features in Sitecore Razl 5.0

Building on its core functionality that allows you to easily compare Sitecore databases, Sitecore Razl 5.0 introduces a completely new script engine, which exposes every function as a PowerShell cmdlet. This gives you almost limitless scripting possibilities to quickly and easily build automation across multiple servers.

With this new functionality you can establish connections to multiple Sitecore servers and use cmdlets to retrieve multiple items from a server, manipulate them, and push them to another server.

Apart from the new PowerShell cmdlet functionality, new features and improvements include:

  • Improved functionality in connecting to servers that require authentication
  • The ability to easily create CSV reports of history differences, deep compares, or search result
  • The ability to bookmark items for a connection
  • The ability to compare different versions of items
  • Go Back/Go Forward buttons similar to other modern development environments

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