Compare & Merge Your Sitecore Databases

Razl allows developers to have a complete side by side comparison between two Sitecore databases. It highlights features that are missing or not up to date while gives developers the ability to simply move the item from one database to another.

Whether it's finding that one missing template, moving an entire database or shifting just one item, Razl allows developers to do it seamlessly.

There are numerous use cases for using a Sitecore database comparison tool. There are so many, in fact, that we are not going to try and list them all here. Whether in development, testing or post production there are dozens of different scenarios where Razl would be useful.

Below, you can see how easy it is to use Razl and a couple different use case scenarios. See how you can unlock the potential of Razl!

Razl Video Gallery

Razl V3 - Deep Compare

Razl V3 - Export Scripts

Razl V3 - Lightning Mode

Razl V3 - Lightning Mode Export

Razl V3 - New History Mode

Razl V3 - Performance Enhancements

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