Sitecore Razl: Tool for Compare and Merge

Sitecore Razl 4.0 Now Available

The newest version of Razl is now available for download. This upgrade is complimentary for those who already have a Razl license.

Compare & Merge Your Sitecore Databases

Razl allows developers to have a complete side by side comparison between two Sitecore databases, highlighting features that are missing or not up to date. Users can easily move missing items from one database to another.

Whether it's finding that one missing template, moving an entire database or shifting just one item, Razl allows developers to do it seamlessly.

From development to testing and post production, Razl makes itself useful in dozens of different Sitecore scenarios. Features like Deep Compare allow all items in a Sitecore tree to be compared, while Lightning Mode provides the information at lightning speed.

With numerous use cases that begin with the very first compare, experience the power of Razl for yourself!

New Features in Sitecore Razl 4.0

The latest version of Razl stays true to its core function: allowing developers to have a complete side-by-side comparison between two Sitecore databases.

Helping our users get their work done faster is always our goal, so we’ve added performance improvements and streamlined workflow to our latest release.

The latest and greatest in Razl features include:

  • Multi-threaded copy offers a huge time savings in moving items between servers.
  • Custom field specific editor controls for editing/comparing multi-list fields, link fields, and Presentation Details.
  • Toolbar search function allows developers to use the internal Sitecore search to find items, searching both servers simultaneously and displaying the result in the Deep Compare area.
  • Improved multi-selection of items makes the tool much easier to use and improves the experience with Deep Compare.

Razl Video Gallery

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Exploring Utilities

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Youtube video on Razl V3 Features

Razl V3 - Performance Enhancements

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