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With Razl, developers can see a complete side-by-side comparison between two Sitecore databases and clearly and easily see features that are missing or not current.

Developers can move items quickly from one database to another. No matter the size of the project, Razl makes Sitecore item migration easy! Please note, the latest version requires a license subscription.

Your license subscription may grant you rights to older versions of our software. If you opt to use a previous release your license remains subject to the terms in our latest EULA.

Razl v5.1.0
February 02, 2023
  • History View entries are displayed using Item created date instead of item updated date when retrieving History entries using index
Razl v5.0.4
March 03, 2021
  • Show 10.1 protobuf resources in Razl window
  • Prevent Razl from overwriting protobuf resource item if the source item is also a protobuf item (Prevents mirroring unchanged items in the database)
  • Allow Razl to pick up the license key from the environment variable RAZL_LICENSE_KEY
Razl v5.0.2
January 20, 2021
  • Improve error handling when there is a broken or null template on an item.
Razl v5.0.1
September 15, 2020

Razl V5

   Razl version 5 contains a number of incremental changes along with a completely new script engine designed around PowerShell Cmdlets. The new script engine creates an interoperability layer between a PowerShell script and the Razl service in a Sitecore instance.

Razl Powershell Scripts

The following is a list of new Cmdlets for the Razl Script Engine:

  • Add-RazlField - Adds a FieldInfo to an ItemDetails object. This is used to manipulate the ItemDetails retuned from Get-RazlItem
  • Clear-RazlCache - Clears all Caches on the Sitecore server.
  • Copy-RazlItem - Copys a single item from one server to another.
  • Copy-RazlItemsUsingHistory - Copys items that have changed between two servers using change history to determine the items to copy.
  • Copy-RazlItemTree - Copys an items and all child items from one server to another.
  • Copy-RazlItemVersion - Copys a single version of and item from one server to another.
  • Get-RazlChildItems - Gets information about each item under an item on a server.
  • Get-RazlConnection - Gets a Razl connection to a server.
  • Get-RazlConnectionStatus - Gets the status of the Razl connection.
  • Get-RazlDatabaseNames - Gets the names of the databases on a server.
  • Get-RazlDeepCompareResults - Performs a deep compare between two servers and retuns the differences.
  • Get-RazlField - Gets the value of a field on an item from a server.
  • Get-RazlFieldBlob - Gets the value of a blob field on an item from a server.
  • Get-RazlHistory - Gets item changes between two dates.
  • Get-RazlItem - Gets all languages and fields for an item from a server. It can get multiple Items by ID and retuns an array of ItemDetails.
  • Get-RazlReferencedItems - Gets information about all items referenced by an item from a server.
  • Get-RazlReferredItems - Gets information about all items referring to an item from a server.
  • Move-RazlItem - Moves an item from one location on a server to another location on the same server.
  • New-RazlField - Creates a new FieldInfo object. These objects are using in the ItemDetails to hold the value of the field.
  • New-RazlItem - Creates a new ItemDetails object to hold all fields for an item.
  • Remove-RazlConnection - Removes the Razl service from a server.
  • Remove-RazlField - Removes a field from an ItemDetails object.
  • Remove-RazlItem - Removes an item from a server.
  • Search-RazlItems - Searchs items on a server for a text value using the full text search index.
  • Set-RazlField - Sets the value of a field in an item on a server.
  • Set-RazlFieldBlob - Sets the value of a blob field in an item on a server.
  • Set-RazlItem - Sets the value of all fields in all versions and languages of an item on a server.
  • Set-RazlItemTemplate - Changes the template for an item on a server.
For more information about Razl scripting, please see our documentation
There are a few samples in the [Install Foldrer]/Samples folder. Please see these samples for more information on the Cmdlets.

Razl Container Support

We have released container images for the Razl components. For more information about installing the image in your containers, please see: Razl Containers

Additional New Features

The following incremental changes are being made to Razl:
  • Added Go Back/Go Forward buttons similar to moden development environments and browsers.
  • Improved right-click menu structure
  • Added the ability to bookmark items for a connection
  • Added the ability to compare different versions of items
  • Added ability to copy connections in the connection manager
  • Improved functionality around connecting to servers that require authentication
  • Automatically pick up access guid from a server in the connection manager when making a direct connection
  • Create a CSV report of history differences, deep compare or search results from a button on the tool bar
  • Improved icons and toolbar buttons
  • Show "newer star" in the history and deep compare panes
  • Allow date sections of the history pane to be expanded and collapsed
  • Improved robustness of the razl interface and copy functions when the network connection is intermittent
  • Increased the size of the status window to better show long paths
  • Numerous bug fixes
Razl v4.0.12
May 07, 2020
  • Fix an issue with Copy histoy not picking up changes in languages other than en
  • Fix a problem with copy all script occsionally throwing parent not found error
Razl v4.0.10
August 23, 2019
Razl v 4.0.9
May 28, 2019
  • Fix an issue with duplicate items being copied during a CopyAll process.
Razl v4.0.8
November 29, 2018
  • Update code signing certificate.
  • Update license validator.
Razl v4.0.7
August 07, 2018
  • Improve how the Razl service handles broken items in Sitecore
Razl v4.0.6
June 27, 2018
  • Fix an issue where continue on error didn't work in copy all when a source parent was missing.
Razl v4.0.5
April 06, 2018
  • Give users the ability to update the Razl license in the product
Razl v4.0.4
March 20, 2018
  • Prevent existing connection clearing if the cancel button is pressed in the connection manager
  • Prevent field type differences being shown as actual item differences
  • Fixed issue with the database name not being updated in the connection manager
Razl v4.0.3
February 28, 2018

This version of Razl focuses on general performance and workflow improvements to the tool. We have noticed that many features are slow and/or require too many clicks to use. We have improved both the workflow of the developer using Razl and the overall speed of the tool.

Multi-threaded copy
Razl functionality allowing users to copy items and sub items from one database to another has been enhanced to allow more than one item to be copied at once, which dramatically improves the performance of copy operations. When combined with Lightning Mode, this new feature allows very large content trees to be quickly moved between databases. 

Compare/Editors for complex Sitecore fields
A new function for comparing and moving complex field values in Sitecore by providing custom field editors for multi-list fields, link fields, and Presentation Details. This will facilitate side-by-side comparison of some of the more complex Sitecore fields. 

Search and Compare items
A new search box on the toolbar to allows developers to use the internal Sitecore search to find items over both servers and show the results in the Deep Compare area. Items are compared as the items are searched/found. 

Highlight newer item in the compare pane

A visual indicator alerting the user if one item is newer than the item on the other server in a comparison; this prevents overwriting changes to an item accidentally, and helps the user by not forcing the user to manually check the Sitecore Updated field. 

Copy an item and its related items
A new copy function to copy an item and its related items based on links in the link database. Facilitates moving pages where the items making up the page are spread across in multiple folders. 

Improve the multi-select experience with deep compare
The History/Deep compare pane at the top of the window was previously slow to use when selecting multiple item because the upper pane was using the main compare window for most of its functions. Decoupling the upper pane functionality from the lower pane improves usability of the tool.

Allow relative dates in the history sync script
Allows users to specify relative dates for copying item using history in the script engine. Previously, the script had to be updated if the user wanted to perform a recurring rolling move of changed items.

Right click copy information from an item
A right-click menu to select useful information like item ID, path, template id, template path, field id, field name and value and place the information in the clipboard. 

Create new logs every time Razl is started
An option to create new logs each time Razl is started has been added to the options screen. This helps with script mode and capturing individual sessions. 

Allow the history/deep compare pane to be re-sizable
The top Deep Compare/History pane can now be sized with the other panes.

Highlight items in lower tree after deep compare
When a Deep Compare is done, items in the tree can be highlighted based on differences in their children. This makes it easier to find different items by showing parent items that contain children with differences. 

Export a list of changed items
Create an export file of item ID’s and paths based on the contents of the Deep Compare/History pane. Allows users to report on differences between environments. Users can also extend script mode to create a similar export of differences before performing the change.

New connection manager
A new connection manager is now accessible in the toolbar of Razl. This shows all connections and allows them to be quickly reviewed and edited. The exiting connection editing functionality still exists, this function makes it easier to edit the connections.
Razl v 3.0.10
November 03, 2017
  • Added /TLS12:true flag to command line to allow TLS1.2 connections in script mode.
Razl v 3.0.9
September 21, 2017
  • Made log path editable
  • Improved support for future versions of Sitecore
Razl v 3.0.8
September 21, 2016
  • Resolved an issue with AllowWriteStreamBuffering when copying media items
Razl v 3.0.6
August 17, 2016
  • Added an option to allow TLS 1.2 connections
Razl V3.0.5
April 11, 2016
  • Fixed issue with Sitecore 8.1 and Language Fallback
Razl V3.0.4
February 05, 2016
  • Fixed issue with deep compare and core database
Razl V3.0.1
November 23, 2016
  • Fixed icon in Start menu
  • Fixed issue where missing templates caused Razl to display an error
  • Fixed No History lines in the History Change Details
  • Fixed issue with multi-selecting items in Change Details
  • Fixed occasional missed item compare "?|?" after copy
  • Fixed bug with "Must create Dependency Source on same thread..." error when copying new items into a Sitecore instance
Razl V3
October 28, 2016
Razl V2.5
May 08, 2014
Razl V2
November 19, 2013
  • Fresh & Improved Interface
  • Fully integrated Help section
  • History Engine Support
  • Improved Moved Items Support
  • Added ignore fields option to different items
  • Added logging for all operations
  • Improved blob managements
  • HTTPs Support
  • Now provide a summary of connections
  • Include processing information for tasks
  • Added cancellation action for ongoing tasks
Razl V1
April 01, 2013
  • Initial Release