The essential Sitecore tool to elevate, enhance and speed up the content entry process

Avtor by Hedgehog, is the newest addition to the Team Development for Sitecore family. It’s designed to improve productivity and enhance usability for Sitecore content editors, and strategists.

To achieve this, we’ve added new ways to create and edit content, analyze and optimize performance, and ultimately improve the day-to-day experience for all content roles.

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Essential for Integrated Content Control

Sitecore Content Editors, Marketers, and Strategists can now elevate, enhance and speed up their content entry process. With Avtor you can review content and information across all pages of your website at one time saving you hours of precious time. Want to learn more?  Sign up for our upcoming webinar with a live demo.

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Mass Entry and Edit 

Enter content for dozens of pages at once – all visible at the same time. The unique export feature lets you filter, sort, make mass changes & proof – then import back into Sitecore. Vastly improves performance and saves time.

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Visual Compare

Compare meta tags, titles, open graphs, and even images all from one place. Compare, enter, save, and publish easily from one single screen. No need to repeat for each item in the tree.


Analyze multiple fields of data all at once. With Avtor you can quickly and easily make changes for numerous items within your website. Search and view same fields across all items in the tree all on screen at one time.

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Introduction to Avtor

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What is Avtor? Watch our 30 minute webinar.

System Requirements

• Avtor runs within Sitecore, in a browser
• We recommend at least 4GB of RAM

• Avtor supports the latest version of Sitecore:
   8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0

• Avtor supports the latest version of:
  Chrome, IE, IE Edge, and Firefox browsers


Multiple users? No problem- we love to give discounts when purchasing in bulk. Contact us to see if you're eligible. 


Avtor is licensed at $249 per user. For a limited time you can purchase a license for $199 a $50 savings. 

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Support Terms

With Avtor the first year of maintenance and support is free. 

We are here to help