Sitecore TDS: Improving  Productivity

The essential tool for Sitecore development and deployment.

The professional development toolkit for Sitecore deployments, development, and best practices, Sitecore TDS improves team integration and smooths the development process with a wide range of built-in Sitecore automation, synchronization and management features.

In our latest release, we focused on supporting Rainbow Yaml Serialization compatibility and saving our developers time and money with a new lower-priced subscription. We're excited to share the latest version of TDS with the world.  Learn more about the Sitecore performance features of TDS 6.0

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Compatible with Sitecore Helix architecture and the Sitecore Habitat environment

TDS has a number of problem-solving features that work beautifully with the Sitecore Helix architecture while providing world-class, time and user-tested features that can be enabled and used easily

Sitecore for Visual Studio (SVS)

With the release of Sitecore 10.0 comes Sitecore for Visual Studio 1.0! SVS is included with your Sitecore TDS & Razl bundle license. Find out what SVS is all about!

Key Capabilities

Compatibility - Completely compatible with Visual Studio 2019 (TDS 5.8 and up only)

Serialization – Treat Sitecore items like files, so you can leverage the source control of your choice and work in teams.

Visual and Configurable Sync – See the differences between Sitecore and file system copies, choosing how to push or pull content. Or automate it to run in the background.

Automated and Configurable PackagingPowerful rules for creating packages across environments, enabling automation and reducing risk.

Flexible Deployment – Deploy how you want; use a built-in connector or create a package to use with your own deployment processes in Octopus, VSTS, Gulp, Powershell, or the tool of your choice. Alternatively, deploy entire solutions directly from Visual Studio in one click.

Code Generation – Have your code written for you. Save time by building up your data models automatically.

Build and Deploy Validation – Catch issues and traps before they break your site. Validate your environment and projects at build-time, instead of hearing about it from your website users.

Sitecore TDS and Unicorn Comparison

Both developer tools share a similar functionality — the ability to serialize Sitecore items to the file system and store them in source control. On top of the shared core functionality, TDS gives you total control of your Sitecore development process and is packed with features designed to let you deploy quickly and safely. Check out the comparison document below to find out which tool is better suited for your project.

Both Sitecore TDS and Unicorn share a similar functionality — the ability to serialize Sitecore items to the file system and store them in source control.

Key Benefits

Flexibility – Choose from a range of options for virtually every task.

Speed – Automation and multi-threaded processes improve end-to-end performance, beyond any other option.

Error Avoidance – Protect yourself from the most common mistakes automatically.

Best Practice Adherence – Use Sitecore’s native formats and APIs without changing fundamental processes.

Repeatability – Get processes dialed in and automate from end-to-end.

Learn more about the features of TDS 6.0

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We offer discounts to Sitecore MVPs, Non-Profits and companies buying in bulk. Email us to see if you apply.

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Sitecore TDS is licensed annually at $399. This allows developers to work on multiple machines. Read our licensing agreement.

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Support Terms

With Sitecore TDS Support & Maintenance comes free.

TDS Video Gallery

New features in the Sync window with TDS 5.8.

Overview of Field Specific Editors in the Item Merge Tool TDS 5.8

Improvements to Project File Merging with TDS 5.8

Learn about the TDS 5.8 Toolbar in Visual Studio and features you can quickly access.

Running Validators in All Project allows developers to find issues in projects without running a full build.

Charlie Turano explains how to perform Azure deployments with TDS 5.8.

connector timeout

Configure the SOAP connector timeout

Youtube video - a first look at Managing Sitecore Roles in TDS

This video will give you a first look at Managing your Sitecore Roles in TDS.

Auto Sync automatically picks up changes from Sitecore and syncs the project

Auto Sync allows users to sync multiple projects programmatically.

Add the TDS build components using a NuGet package allowing for easily building TDS projects on cloud build servers

Easily build TDS projects on cloud build servers with NuGet.

TDS Delta Builds makes sure you never waste a build on the same thing twice

Delta Builds: never waste a build on the same thing twice.

The new Deployment Property Manager is easier to use, highlighting items with different deployment properties than their parent items

The Deployment Property Manager gets a face-lift in TDS 5.5

Simplify builds on build servers with NuGet package

Simplify your builds on build servers using our NuGet Package!

Post Deploy Steps allows users to tell TDS to form an action after the project is deployed or the update package has been installed

Form an action after deploying the project or installing an update!

Improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects with Sync Multiple Projects

Improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects!

TDS Validators look for problems in a project and alert you at build time

TDS Validators look for problems in a project and alert you at build time.

An update to the Package Assemblies generator now that using NuGet packages to hold Sitecore assemblies is so popular

An enhancement to the Update Package generator!

Youtube video on Sync Using History in TDS

This video demonstrates the Sync Using History feature in TDS 5.1.

Youtube video on how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0

Learn how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0!

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