TDS Classic: Improving Sitecore Productivity

Enhance team integration and save time on Sitecore deployment.

The professional development toolkit for Sitecore deployments, development and best practices, TDS Classic improves team integration and smooths the development process with a wide range of built-in Sitecore automation, synchronization and management features.

In our latest release we focused on the speed of TDS Classic as well as its compatibility with Sitecore Helix architecture and the Sitecore Habitat environment. Learn more about the Sitecore performance features of TDS Classic 5.7

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Move Your Sitecore Schema

On average, TDS Classic saves teams 8-10% of their time in deployments. It allows you to leverage a continuous integration or automated deployment strategy, which can significantly enhance team productivity. 

TDS Classic creates an environment in which teams can move their code quickly and easily from a local environment through their development workflow. Automated deployments are a standard best practice. 

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Focus on the Code

Source Control is the basic foundation of any effective project. TDS Classic allows developers to utilize Source Control to effectively manage their projects. 

Keeping your code organized allows you to focus on one project at a time. Teams truly excel once they shed many of the unneeded dependencies.


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No More Packaging

Packaging and deployments can be the thorn in some teams' side when it comes to productivity. Teams can optimize their efforts by eliminating the manual process of packaging changes.

Setting up an automated or continuous deployment environment will allow your team to allocate time to the most beneficial areas of your project.  


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Redefined Team Dynamics

Source Control is a minimum requirement for quality development for individuals to enterprise-scale teams. TDS Classic allows teams to optimize their team effectiveness. 

TDS Classic allows you to leverage Source Control so the constant changes made during a usual project merge seamlessly. Optimize your own team's productivity with a quality team environment. 


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Set it and Forget it

After initial configuration your team will never have to worry about manual packaging or deployment issues again. Just set it and forget it. 

Removing this burden allows you to continue to use these settings in the future, which saves teams countless hours over time. 


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Protect Your Work

Secure your changes amongst your team and through out time by making sure your work is properly controlled and maintained in Source Control.

TDS Classic provides added peace of mind that work will never be erased, lost, or overwritten, allowing teams to constantly progress and enhance the existing project.


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We offer discounts to Sitecore MVPs, Non-Profits and companies buying in bulk. Email us to see if you apply.

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TDS Classic is licensed at $749 per developer. This allows developers to work on multiple machines. Read our licensing agreement.

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Support Terms

With TDS Classic, the first year of Support & Maintenance comes free. Read our reasons to renew to learn why you should renew.

TDS Classic Video Gallery
Youtube video - a first look at Managing Sitecore Roles in TDS

This video will give you a first look at Managing your Sitecore Roles in TDS.

Auto Sync automatically picks up changes from Sitecore and syncs the project

Auto Sync allows users to sync multiple projects programmatically.

Add the TDS build components using a NuGet package allowing for easily building TDS projects on cloud build servers

Easily build TDS projects on cloud build servers with NuGet.

TDS Delta Builds makes sure you never waste a build on the same thing twice

Delta Builds: never waste a build on the same thing twice.

The new Deployment Property Manager is easier to use, highlighting items with different deployment properties than their parent items

The Deployment Property Manager gets a face-lift in TDS 5.5

Simplify builds on build servers with NuGet package

Simplify your builds on build servers using our NuGet Package!

Post Deploy Steps allows users to tell TDS to form an action after the project is deployed or the update package has been installed

Form an action after deploying the project or installing an update!

Improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects with Sync Multiple Projects

Improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects!

TDS Validators look for problems in a project and alert you at build time

TDS Validators look for problems in a project and alert you at build time.

An update to the Package Assemblies generator now that using NuGet packages to hold Sitecore assemblies is so popular

An enhancement to the Update Package generator!

Youtube video on Sync Using History in TDS

This video demonstrates the Sync Using History feature in TDS 5.1.

Youtube video on how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0

Learn how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0!

For teams of three, TDS Classic provides $13,000 in savings over a 30 week project - equal to a 478% return on investment!

TDS Classic provides 478% ROI on Sitecore projects.

Take the first step in creating your ideal Sitecore environment by downloading this free 30 day TDS Classic trial. Simply fill out this form and you will receive an email with your trial key. Happy Sitecore'ing!

                         Please note: The TDS Classic trial is a full-featured version with some license limitations:

  • The TDS Classic trial license is valid for 30 days.  A purchased key will be required after the trial ends. 

  • Trials are available for companies that have not previously purchased or trialed TDS Classic.
  •  Only corporate email addresses are accepted for the trial (no yahoo, gmail, aol, etc...)

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