Sitecore Content Serialization: SVS and CLI

New for Sitecore 10
Sitecore 10 introduces a new and improved method of Sitecore Content Serialization. Sitecore Content Serialization is our new headless serialization option that can be used by BOTH developers who prefer working in a GUI and CLI/scripting in Sitecore 10. Come see how Sitecore for Visual Studio and CLI will simplify your continuous integration and deployment pipelines.
Best of Both Worlds

The new content serialization tooling combines the best of both TDS & Unicorn, making it much easier for you to script your content changes and move them between your different environments as part of your deployment process. Sitecore CLI provides a command line interface to interact with your Sitecore instance. This command line provides technical team members with automation capabilities and the ability to work at the command line directly with their Sitecore instance.

Sitecore for Visual Studio provides a graphical tool to interact with your Sitecore instance from within Visual Studio. This provides the same capabilities as CLI but makes it more accessible to users who are unfamiliar with command line tools. By using a remote rendering host, developers can build straight from Visual Studio into the rendering host and test changes without needing to recycle Sitecore every time. Make quick changes to the presentation layer, push those changes, and debug in a fraction of the time.

Sitecore for Visual Studio capabilities include:

Module Configuration visualization

Module Configuration editor

Environment Editor

Serialization Compare tool

Serialization tree visualization tool

Automated build components

Automated build component editor

Sitecore 10 and the Sitecore Developer Collection

The Sitecore Developer Collection tool set is the preferred serialization tool for teams interested in adhering to Sitecore best Practices. Sitecore TDS will continue to be your tool of choice for pre-Sitecore 10 implementations, upgrading existing sites, or for new sites that that will not take advantage of Sitecore 10’s new headless serialization capabilities.

Sitecore for Visual Studio gives developers access to the convenience of GUI tools for developing websites using Sitecore 10’s new developer experience. A Sitecore TDS license gives you access to SVS! If you already have a license click the download link below to get started or get your new license today!