TDS Classic 5.7

Designed for Sitecore Helix, Sitecore Habitat, and impatient developers everywhere.

Save time developing Sitecore solutions

Save Time On Sitecore Development

Hate doing the same thing over and over? So do we. Our tools are all focused on improving productivity and reducing time spent on stupid stuff. As developers ourselves, we take pride in knowing our tools will help development teams work more smoothly and efficiently together.

The Professional Sitecore Developer Tool Set

The Professional Sitecore Tool Set

Unless you really enjoy DevOps over design or coding, Team Development for Sitecore products let your team focus on bringing great ideas to life. Whether it's virtualizing the Sitecore instance in a shared infrastructure location, effortlessly moving databases or eliminating the manual process of packaging changes, our tools let your pros be pros.

The Professional Sitecore Developer Tool Set
Sitecore upgrade friendly

Open Source Tools

As developers ourselves, we're always trying to contribute to the community. Here you'll find open source Sitecore tools and modules, like the SItecore Package Deployer, as well as examples and extensions for TDS Classic.

Sitecore best practices revolve around the developer

Follow Sitecore Best Practices

Sitecore best practices demand very specific activities, whether its conforming to Sitecore Helix, using Sitecore Habitat, or proper architecture. All of our developer products are designed with Sitecore best practices in mind.

Sitecore best practices revolve around the developer

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Reviews of our products
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"TDS is a great product. I could have never managed my company's configuration management without it"

Tom Paterno

"Amazing response time from @hhogdev support - Thank you @charlesturano"

Akshay Sura(via Twitter 1/23/2017)

"TDS has been working fantastically. This was the one thing we needed to enable our developers to work locally and not share a development database and be getting in each other’s way. So that alone has been a huge help. The site we just launched took around 6-7 weeks and I don’t think that would’ve been possible without TDS."

Blair Scott Digital Day

"I remember the days of using packages for everything. I love TDS."

Rob Reilley @reilleyweb - Twitter 2/7/2017


TDS Classic

Reduce deployment time and ensure team integration


Compare and merge Sitecore databases 


Bridge the gap between front-end and back-end developers