TDS 6.0: Take Sitecore Productivity to the Rainbow

The Next Level of Sitecore TDS, Now at a Lower Price!
We've always been committed to creating the best possible products for Sitecore developers and TDS 6.0 is no exception. Our latest version of TDS was developed with Sitecore 9.2 in mind.   Sitecore 9.2 is the first version of Sitecore that natively supports Rainbow, a YAML based serialization, and in TDS 6.0 we introduce YAML serialization support. This change touches every part of TDS from the sync windows to Web Deploy Package generation. And now, you can save over 45% when you purchase your new Sitecore TDS licenses as a subscription
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For over ten years TDS has been supporting Sitecore Developers all over the world. Want to learn more about all the features Sitecore TDS has to offer?  

What's new in 6.0?

Easily work with YAML serialization files instead of traditional item serialization making branching and merging Sitecore item files easier.
• Quickly and easily upgrade existing item serialization projects to use YAML serialization.
• Build update packages with YAML files.
• Build Web Deploy Packages from projects containing YAML files.
• Use TDS validation rules to verify project structures using YAML files.


Now at a lower price!

Sitecore TDS is licensed annually at $399. This allows developers to work on multiple machines. 

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Sitecore TDS and Sitecore Razl are better together when you save $50 on a bundle.

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