Acquisition FAQ's

What happens to my licenses for TDS Essential Suite products after the acquisition?
Your licenses remain intact. You will continue to have access to the software, documentation, and support as per your license.
Do I need to transition my licensing to Sitecore now?
There is nothing required from you at this time. We will continue to support our products and customers as we always have.
If I need additional licenses, do I still purchase them from Hedgehog?
You can continue to purchase licenses through Hedgehog’s website or sales team by invoice.
What happens to the existing TDS Essential Suite products once Hedgehog becomes part of Sitecore?
The Hedgehog products are prominent in the community and will continue to be sold, supported, and improved.
What will happen to the TDS Essential Suite products in the long term?
Sitecore appreciates that the TDS Essential Suite is trusted worldwide by customers to help them reduce deployment time, improve productivity, and ease implementations for Sitecore solutions. We look forward to continuing to build, support, and improve these products, as well as consider longer-term opportunities to broaden our support of the community with tools that help teams work more smoothly and efficiently.
Will I continue to receive support if I have any issues?
As long as your licensing is up to date, you will continue to receive the same exceptional level of support you have come to expect. As part of the Sitecore family, we will be able to grow that level of support even more to help you excel and grow with us.