Hedgehog Has A New Product?!?

October 22, 2012 | Mike Shaw

You've heard it right folks, debuting at the North American Sitecore Symposium is a brand new product from Hedgehog! Hedgehog's newest product, code named DB Compare Tool, is another product in the line of Hedgehog development tools.

The DB Compare Tool allows users to compare their Sitecore databases and merge the changes. We’ve been enjoying this tool for quite a while here at Hedgehog and think it’s time to show DB Compare to the world. You are probably wondering how can you really utilize this tool?

Imagine someone, unbeknownst to you, deleted what they thought was an inconsequential item in your master database. You come in the next day and your solution is now broken, you have no idea why, because you didn't realize your code was deleted in the first place. Typically, if you’re not doing regular backups, you’d have to search your solution and look for the missing code. With the DB compare tool you can simply run a comparison of your Web Database and your Master Database, find the missing code and move it back into your master database. Without the DB Compare tool you’ll spend hours going through your entire database.

This isn't a tool you’ll need every day, but this is a tool that when you need it you’ll REALLY need it. Read this first-hand account from one of our Beta Testers:

“I was working late adding workflow to a project, only to realize I'd spent the last half hour creating my workflow and applying it to templates in the wrong environment. As I started the process of creating a package to bring down my changes, hoping I wouldn't miss anything, I remembered the Sitecore Compare Tool. Within a few minutes, I had my local development and my beta environment connected, and was able to easily bring down my new and changed items.”

-Nick Wesselman, Active Commerce

Hedgehog is now running an open Beta Program. Simply come over to the Hedgehog booth and sign up for our Beta program to receive your free trial copy. The DB Compare tool will be available for public consumption soon so make sure you check for updates.