Razl new Sitecore Connection Manager

November 21, 2018 | Kliment Klimentov

Introduced with the 4.0 version release of Razl, is the new Sitecore connection manager feature offering an improved user experience.


The connection manager window is split into two sides. The left side shows all the existing connections. You can very easily edit them by clicking on the desired connection and changing the values on the right side. You have quick access to the connection's name, write permissions, URL, Webroot path, access guide, and the number of threads your connection is using.


To use an existing connection from another computer, you can use the “Export” and “Import” buttons. This is helpful when the same Razl connection must be used by more than one developer. This approach prevents overwriting the configuration file of an installed Sitecore instance. The connection is exported as a .rconn file, containing all of the information in .XML format.
New connections are created with the "Add" button. You will find the old forms to create a connection.
With Razl's new connection manager, editing and creating connections is a smooth and easy process.
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