TDS How-To: Migrate TDS Projects from VS 2013 to VS 2015

September 20, 2016 | Kliment Klimentov

If you want to move your Sitecore development environments to newer version of Visual Studio, you will first need to install the new VS version you have selected.

Then download TDS from our website. We recommend using the latest version of TDS as it has the latest features and is compatible with all previous versions, but you can also use any other version.

Because of the way TDS is installed into Visual Studio, you’ll have to install from the installer for your new Visual Studio version. The names of the installer files indicate which version of Visual Studio they are related to. TDS does come with different installers for the different Visual Studio versions; the appropriate installer must be selected in order to use TDS with a specific version of Visual Studio.

This does not get in the way of project migrations from one Visual Studio version to another, newer version. TDS is expected to work normally after the solution and accompanying projects have been migrated. All a developer needs to do is to install the appropriate TDS installation package before migrating the solution.

After TDS is set up, you can open the migrated solution and continue your work; you can have several projects that use TDS in the different Visual Studio versions side by side.