Optimizing the Sitecore Content Editor Experience: Introducing Avtor

November 14, 2018 | Leticia Shene

As a Sitecore Content Editor, I am often faced with having to make content changes to multiple pages at once.  For example, when our Sitecore Implementation Partner status went from Gold to Platinum, I had to update content on a lot of pages of our site. This process typically involves going through the site; finding each instance of text, opening that page, finding the component, replacing the text, saving, publishing, and repeat - over, and over, and over, again. Minutes turn into hours of monotonous, repetitive content editing. 

How can you quickly find, edit, create, or update content across multiple pages at one time? With Avtor, that process is not only easy but also powerful! Avtor was created in response to this very common Sitecore content editor need.  

Step 1

Your trusty Sitecore Administrator needs to download and install Avtor using the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard. Access to the wizard is limited to Sitecore Administrators, so administrator credentials are required to install Avtor. Please do not try to bypass this step and do this by yourself, Editors - you will just get frustrated.  Have no fear though, this process is quick, so go grab a coffee and dream about all the free time you will soon have once the magic is installed.   

Step 2

Launch your Sitecore instance 

Step 3

Launch Avtor.   
You can launch Avtor four different ways: 
1. From the Launchpad 
2. From the Desktop  
3. From the Content editor header menu  
4. From the Content editor tree (the never failed “right-click your mouse” method) 

Step 4

Create your field sets. Hmmm - okeydokey - What the heck is a field set?!   Field Sets are unique to Avtor. They are a collection of fields chosen by the content editor (that would be you) to view and update in the content tree. The content editor (you again) can create as many Field Sets as often as needed and wanted (YIPPEE).   

The field sets you created will be unique to your instance of Sitecore (your login). You can and should name each field set something that will make sense to you.   

You absolutely must do this step, or you will not be able to edit any content in Avtor.   

What's Next?

Try Avtor out for yourself, start your free trial today.  

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