Build Error Due to Previously Installed Visual Studio 2015

January 08, 2016 | Angel Uzunov

Clients using TDS who want to test out the new Visual Studio 2015 version on their machines at some point may run into a problem should they decide to uninstall VS 2015 from their system. In this instance, if VS 2015 is not cleanly and entirely uninstalled it leaves traces of itself behind that interfere with TDS.

If, after VS 2015 is uninstalled, clients try to run a TDS build using an older version of Visual Studio, they will get the following error:

"MSBuildToolsPath is not specified for the ToolsVersion "14.0" defined at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSBuild\ToolsVersions\14.0", or the value specified evaluates to the empty string. (InvalidToolsetDefinitionException)"

To fix this, users should download and install MSBuild Tools for VS 2015 on the affected machine. After installing it, TDS builds should get back to normal. A link to the download can be found here.

So far, TDS is the only affected project type; other Visual Studio projects continue to build without error.