Check Your TDS Version Number

January 02, 2013 | Mike Shaw

Happy New Year everybody! Along with the new year we get a lot of new questions. One of the questions we have been receiving much more frequently is “I didn't realize you have a new version of TDS out, how do I find out if I'm up to date?”

As with any products, we’ll sometimes find a bug in TDS.  We fix the problem and then release a new version to give the fix to all of you. People often don’t realize a new version was released and report the bug to us, not knowing we already fixed the problem. This cuts into valuable development time which is exactly what TDS was meant to avoid, Hedgehog has to improve on this. 

One of our resolutions for the New Year is to make sure our customers know more about the additions and changes to TDS. We want them to be much more aware, to reduce the amount of time they spend trying to figure it out.

We are working towards this goal, first, by alerting our customers every time a new version of TDS is released. With the release of TDS 4.0, every time a new version of TDS is released you will be alerted when you open Visual Studio. If you choose to stick with your current version you can check the ignore option and never see the update again.

If you haven’t received the notification and you don’t know if you have the newest version or not; the process to check your version number is incredibly simple. Simply go to the Help drop down and click About Microsoft Visual Studio. In the Installed Products dialog is a list of all your products in alphabetical order, find Team Development for Sitecore and right next to it is the version number.

This allows individuals that don't want the new update notification to manually check their version number whenever they have the urge to.