Issues loading the Icon Cache of TDS projects

May 14, 2015 | Angel Uzunov

As developers we are quirky. We love to take time to find the perfect icon to represent each item. Some people think it’s not important to have custom icons, but those people are boring anyway so what do they know! One of the issues we’ve seen some of our users is some dramatic speed restrictions when loading a project. After much hunting we’ve determined the issue is with custom icons on items.

Occasionally, when loading a project Visual Studio might hang. This is due to an issue reading the icon cache. The abundancy of custom icons causes a dramatic decrease in speed when trying to load the items. We’ve found that clearing the Local Project Icon Cache fixes the issue.

The cache usually sits in the following location on the file system: \<TDS_project_root>\obj\IconCache

After clearing the cache reload the project and VS will refresh and reload the icons. This will resolve any speed issue during load time. You don’t need to worry about this affecting your items or icons, VS won’t touch the items and will just reload the icons so you have nothing to worry about!