Launch Sitecore With TDS - Updated for Sitecore 7.1

February 12, 2014 | Charlie Turano

Many people need to get used to all the features TDS offers and how it integrates with your Sitecore project. Typically, we point them to our own Sample Project. The issue we fin here is that Sitecore has been relentlessly updating their capabilities with Sitecore 7 and now with the point release of Sitecore 7.1. Our Sample Project is still on Sitecore 6.1, so it desperately needed to get updated.

Being that TDS is the simplest and quickest way to spin up a Sitecore instance we need to update our Sample Project to reflect the newest version of TDS. Sean Holmesby, created a TDS solution of the Launch Sitecore site. This will be now be the recommended sample project for anyone wanting to test the capabilities of TDS or just to test out new things.

You can find Sean's instance of this solution here. Please let us know if you have any questions about this issue. Leave a comment on what you think we should do next!

Launch Sitecore