NuGet Addition to TDS 5.0

December 19, 2013 | Charlie Turano

Recently, I’ve been working heavily on Team Development for Sitecore version 5.0 and am pretty excited to release a bunch of new features. Right now, I’m expecting a new release sometime in the middle of Q1 2014. I wanted to take a moment to quickly discuss one of the most exciting new features to TDS, NuGet.

My plan is to have TDS fully support NuGet; that includes dependencies and adding/removing packages. Now you will be able to create and distribute modules and/or libraries that contain Sitecore items using NuGet. Based on the growing popularity of NuGet within the developer community, I felt this is a feature that would be useful to all Sitecore developers.

NuGet TDS integration will allow Sitecore developers to create a NuGet package of Sitecore items by enabling NuGet packaging on the NuGet package property page. The package will be generated as part of a build and can be distributed the same way you would distribute any other NuGet package. Other developers will be able to install the NuGet packages created by TDS directly into a TDS project.  I’m really excited to see how much this will impact the development experience; I suspect this will make it much easier for teams to distribute and work with common assets.

Right now, I’m waiting for NuGet to accept my pull request with the new TDS ids. Once accepted, NuGet will recognize TDS as a NuGet aware project. I hope to have something to share shortly so check back for more updates!