Site of the Year Winners Utilize TDS

January 15, 2014 | Mike Shaw

Every year tons of Sitecore sites are released that push the envelope on digital experience. The easiest and coolest way to find these sites is through the Sitecore's Site of the Year awards. The awards are for the best of the best solutions, in that region, in the last year. Congrats to all the 2013 winners!

While going through the list I like to keep track on which companies own TDS. With the 2013 winners, we have seen a huge increase in the number of winners that use TDS. Out of the current list of Site of the Year winners 80% of UK, 40% of Denmark, and 75% of Australian winners own TDS.

This means two things. First, somebody needs to talk to the people in Denmark and get them with the program ;). Two, It helps reinforce the point that TDS helps developers create amazing websites. With the majority of Sitecore developers using TDS it represents a paradigm shift in which developers are now utilizing TDS to bring efficiency, safety, order, and peace of mind to their Sitecore development.

With the developers here working diligently to bring TDS V5 to the public this news helps pump them up. Knowing that people are using their creation and making award winning sites with it brings smiles to their faces. Thank you to all our supporters out there, keep up the good work and make more outstanding Sitecore solutions!