TDS 4.0 Things You Might Have Missed

September 06, 2012 | Mike Shaw

Over the past month or so you've probably seen my numerous tweets, emails, facebook posts about the newest and coolest features in TDS 4.0. If you haven't you should follow us on twitter, sign up for our newsletter, like TDS on Facebook so you do. For those of you that don't know the biggest features that I've been pushing have been, here is the list:

  • Code Generation
  • Item Merging
  • Config Transforms
  • Compatability with Visual Studio 2012

After a while you're probably sick and tired hearing about this stuff. You're probably wondering what the big fuss is over 4.0 if that's the only features. Well it's not! 4.0 is chock full of cool new features, so many so that it's hard for us to cover them all.

Our Australian partner, Igloo Digital, recently blogged a video titled "TDS 4.0 - Things you may have Missed" In this blog Sean Holmesby goes over many of the additional features included in TDS 4.0.

If you want to see the range of features included in TDS 4.0 check out this blog: