What's Better Than One TDS Project?

January 31, 2014 | Charlie Turano

What's better than one TDS project? Well that's two TDS projects referencing each other, of course! One of the issues that keeps facing TDS users is the inability to reference classes generated in other TDS projects. With Code Generation added to TDS in Version 4, there has come a need to add the ability to reference other TDS projects.

This is one of those features that you get excited adding to a project, you get worked up while working on it then once it’s done you can’t wait to let everyone else play with it. The ability to reference other projects is something I’ve been wanting to add for just over a year now. When we were putting together Version 4, everyone knew this was the next step. With this new version we take code generation to its inevitable evolution. Code Generation can now reference classes generated in other TDS projects for base class inheritance.

Additionally, when a build occurs you can now set up dependencies between projects for code generation and bundling of projects. The bundling support allows for multiple TDS projects to be combined into a single update package. You can then take the update package and do with it as you please. By allowing the combination into a single update package you can easily perform code generation between TDS projects. When working on TDS, my goal is to make development better; and the easiest way to do that is to give the developer as much power and freedom as I can.

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