TDS Update causing a Visual Studio crash!

April 15, 2015 | Angel Uzunov

Recently, after our new releases to TDS we’ve seen an increase is cases where a user’s Visual Studio instance is crashing after they’ve updated TDS. A pretty troubling issue. We’ve been able to determine the cause of the issue is in the Template Diagrammer plugin.

The Template Diagrammer is an Sitecore Rocks plugin that allows users to create diagrams of all their Sitecore templates. A useful tool for developer and business user alike. The Template Diagrammer is part of Sitecore Rock’s plug-in library.

We’ve made some changes to TDS lately and because of that the most recent version is not compatible with the old Template Diagrammer plug-in; having both TDS and the old Template Diagrammer installed is causing Visual Studio to crash. People who have experienced this, have reported the following errors alongside the crash:



- or -

“Method not found: System.Guid HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreCommon.Data.Items.PropertyCollection.GetGuidProperty(System.String)”


In order to allow people to keep using the Template Diagrammer, an updated version of it has been included with each new TDS release – it can be found inside the installation package as a nuget package. Our recommended fix to this is use the Template Diagrammer coming with the TDS installer archive and uninstall the free solution. Trust us, the one in TDS is better anyway. ;)