Avtor Help

Do I need an administrator to help me install Avtor?
YES!  Avtor needs to be installed in Sitecore by an administrator using the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard tool.
How can I get to Avtor when I am in Sitecore?
1. From the Launchpad
2. From the Desktop 
3. From the Content editor header menu 
4. From the Content editor tree (the never failed “right-click your mouse” method)
My Field Set is not working
Make sure you have data that you want to capture in the field set and that it is not blank.  
What is the license term?
The license term runs for one full year from the date of purchase.  You will receive a license key via email once the license has been purchased.   

Get Documentation
Check out the documentation we put together.
This documentation will help you navigate all the different features of Avtor and even tell you a few tips that will make Content Entry easier.

Need support on Avtor?
Need Avtor support?
Still have questions or concerns? Just can't quite figure something out? Our lightning response time is legendary. Contact support at any time!