Continuous Delivery: Kagool & TDS Classic

Who is Kagool
Who They Are

Kagool is a leading UK digital agency and top tier Sitecore Platinum Partner, and the only UK agency with three Sitecore MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals). Kagool advises global brands on digital strategy to build websites that get the best out of Sitecore. Among their other services are hosting, software integration, SEO and support.

Kagool Use Case TDS Classic
How They Use TDS Classic

Kagool has a dedicated team of non-developers working alongside their developers to create content architecture and optimize solutions. Because Kagool's development teams are able to share a single set of databases, TDS Classic comes in to play when deploying to QA, Staging UAT Live, etc.  TDS Classic is used as a deployment tool for continuous delivery; TDS Classic projects are synced exclusively when a build needs to leave the development environment. 

Kagool Use Case TDS Classic
Kagool TDS Classic Benefits
The Benefits

Because of their unusual team structure, it has historically been difficult for Kagool to track Sitecore Changes within the development environment. TDS Classic has helped them overcome that issue. They no longer need to be concerned about missing any items that have changed as all templates and layouts are now synced and deployed

Kagool TDS Classic Advantages
The Advantages 

TDS Classic has allowed Kagool to automate the build of Sitecore Update packages as part of their continuous delivery process. As a synchronization tool within Visual Studio, Razl is "invaluable in serializing and keeping track of Sitecore items." 

Kagool TDS Classic Advantages