Sync, Deploy & Transfer: Norfolk County Council, TDS Classic and Razl

Norfolk County Council
Who They Are

The website for Norfolk County Council, a local UK government organization. They use TDS Classic on individual development machines, non-production and production websites.

How Norfolk uses TDS Classic and Razl
How They Use TDS Classic and Razl

TDS Classic allows them to sync all Sitecore development items to source control and deploy to other environments; Razl is used to transfer and compare Sitecore content items between environments

How Norfolk uses TDS Classic and Razl
Norfolk TDS Classic Razl benefits
The Benefits

Because Norfolk team members work in a distributed development environment, TDS Classic and Razl allow the development team to share Sitecore items or compare differences easily between those Sitecore items. TDS Classic has been an excellent time saver, allowing the team to add, update and track Sitecore items within source control. 

Norfolk TDS Classic Razl Advantages
The Advantages

Both TDS Classic and Razl have saved the Norfolk team a great deal of time - Razl by smoothly comparing Sitecore instances and TDS Classic by easily comparing Sitecore instances. 

Norfolk TDS Classic Razl Advantages