Sync Using History
Using Sitecore's History table, the sync using history feature allows developers to cut through the noise and focus solely on the most recent and relevant changes. By focusing your efforts on the most recently updated changes you won't get faced with sifting through all items in your Sitecore project.
Some Ways To Use It

When working on a new feature in a Sitecore implementation, we typically add or update 30-50 items in the Master database. These would be various folders, templates, layouts and a few content items. Instead of using the Sync with Sitecore window to search for these items, Sync using History looks at precisely what you just did and allows you to include it in you project.

Other than speed, Sync using History has another big advantage. When refactoring the Sitecore content tree, typically, many items are moved and/or renamed. In many cases, a set of steps to get from the original content tree to the final content tree cannot be easily determined. By only showing recent changes, you can find and sync the these items without too much delay.

See It In Action
Youtube video on Sync Using History in TDS