TDS Classic 5.5: Take Sitecore Productivity to the Next Level

You Spoke, We Listened.

Team Development for Sitecore is now available! Containing over 70% of the new features stemming from user feedback, this is the version for you.  From auto-sync of multiple projects to delta builds and deployments, this version will take productivity to the next level, Happy Sitecore'ing!

Just Some of the Features

Auto-sync allows users to sync multiple projects programmatically. 

Delta Builds in TDS 5.5

TDS Delta Builds makes sure you never waste a build on the same thing twice. 

The Deployment Property Manager gets a face lift in 5.5!

Simplify your builds on build servers using our NuGet package!

TDS 5.5 Sync Multiple Projects!

Sync as many Sitecore projects as you want, at the same time!

New and Improved Deployment Property Manager.
The deployment property manager has a new UI, making it easier to understand what deployment properties are set on the various items. If it causes problems, this can be disabled in the TDS Options.
Delta Builds and Packages by Changed Date.
Only include items in deployment/package if they are changed after the specified date. This is activated in the "General" TDS property tab.
Automatically picks up changes from Sitecore and syncs the project. This is enabled in the TDSOptions dialog. Once TDS communicates with a project, all changes should be picked up.
Sync Multiple Projects.
To improve workflow in solutions with a large number of TDS projects, in 5.5 the user is now able to use Sync Using History across multiple projects in a single Sync operation. This is activated by right-clicking on the solution and Choosing "Sync all TDS projects using History"
Auto-Deploy Content Files as They're Edited.
Reduce the app pool recycles while developing. When a content file in the Source Web Project changes, it will be automatically pushed to the correct location in the Sitecore Deploy folder without requiring a build. This is activated by an option in the TDSOptions page (Tools ->Options)
TDS Cloud Builds.
TDS now allows the user to add the TDS build components using a NuGet package. This allows for easily building TDS projects on cloud build servers. It's as simple as installing a new TDS NuGet package supplied in the .zip into a private NuGet pakcage source.
New Post Deployment Steps.
This allows custom steps to be executed after deployment and package install. Added post deployment steps to the following, which can be configured on the "Deploy Property" page:
  • Publish Deployed Items
  • Trigger Save Events
  • Update Link Database
  • Custom
Allow Link Files as Code Gen Templates.
In a large project, it is difficult to manage multiple versions of the Code Gen files. This allows all projects to link back to a single version of the Code Gen file; use the Add Existing dialog to add a link just like any other file.
Allow Code Generation After a Project Change to be Disabled.
For very large projects, it may take too long to re-generate code every time the project changes.
Search Nuget Package Folder for Sitecore Assemblies During the Package Build.
The Package Builder requires Sitecore assemblies to work correctly. NuGet manages the location of these files in the /package folder. The location of these assemblies can vary over the lifetime of a project, so the package builder will now look for a /package folder in the solution directory and then look for the required assemblies under that folder. Remove the Sitecore Assembly path from the Update Package Property page to get this to work.
Hide Ignored Fields from the Sync Window.
If this option is selected, TDS will now only show non-ignored fields that are different in the sync windows.
Ignore Changes in Certain Languages in the Sync Window.
The user can exclude certain languages from being compared for changes in the Sync process; this option is located in the TDS Options page.
Improved Error Handling on Sync.
The Sync window had issues when there were LOTS of duplicate items. This feature prevents the user from being over-prompted when there are multiple duplicates.
Sitecore Package Validation.

Determine if a .zip package is installed in Sitecore; fail/install the package if it isn’t. This option has its own property page.

Added Validator for Standard Values.
Deploy Once isn’t supported for Standard values in Sitecore update packages. Accordingly, a validator was added to catch these.
Prevent Build From Running if There is a Difference Between IDE and Build Tasks.
This will validate that the TDS components were installed correctly and ensure TDS version mismatches will be caught during the build. 
Only Update Connector if it is Different.
Check access Guide and versions to see if the connector needs updating. This should prevent the connector from being installed during the build if there are multiple TDS projects in the build itself.
Alert User to Blocked Template.
When downloading T4 templates from GitHub, the .zip file may be blocked. This causes odd errors and problems creating the generated code. TDS now alerts users to blocked code generation templates.
Check if Git is Correctly Configured for TDS.
There are a few things Git users need to do to get the most out of TDS. To facilitate this, TDS will now check to make sure Git is configured correctly. TDS now checks:
  • If the .gitattributes file is correctly configured.
  • If the merge tool is correctly configured.
Bug Fix: Clean Up Error Handling in GetSitecoreItems.
There were problems when adding duplicate items. Errors on the Sitecore server were not properly reported.
Bug Fix: Styling in Package Builder Read Me.
Styles did not work correctly, they were updated.
Bug Fix: Made Code Generated Fields Language/Version Aware.
Fields were not picking up the various languages/versions. Added new property to prevent breaking existing code.
Bug Fix: Control-C and Control-V Were Not Correctly Supported in Text Boxes.
Bug Fix: Minor Performance Improvements with CodeGen.
Getting properties during Code Generation was clearing an internal cache.
Bug Fix: Prevent Sync from Failing on Very Large Content.
Instead of sync completely failing, if an item is too large to sync, it now shows up as “Broken”.