TDS Classic 5.6 is here!

The latest and greatest version of Team Development for Sitecore has arrived.

At Hedgehog, we're committed to creating the best possible products for Sitecore developers. TDS 5.6, our latest version of Team Development for Sitecore, is no exception. Our goal with this version was to improve Sitecore developer productivity; most of the new features are based on feedback we received after the successful launch of TDS 5.5.

From creating a report/document of all items in the TDS project to performing a "quick push" of items to Sitecore, we're excited to share this version of TDS with the world.

Project Item Report
Create a report/document of all items in the TDS project. This report has item specific output based on the location and/or item type.
Quick Push
When working in a large team, it is sometimes necessary for a team member to push the latest items to their local Sitecore instance. TDS now has the ability to perform a “Quick Push” of items to Sitecore.
Pass Custom Variable to Code Generation
In some cases, project specific information needed to be passed to the Code Generation templates. TDS now allows the developer to create project specific properties in the code generation property screen. These properties will be passed to the T4 template when the code is generated.
Prevent Deployment of Incorrect Assemblies
When the TDS Assembly Version Check feature is enabled, TDS will check the version of every assembly before deploying to Sitecore. If the assembly version is different than the assembly in the Sitecore instance, the build will fail before deploying any files.
Bug Fix: Auto-Sync is disabled when attached to a Sitecore instance
TDS Auto-Sync works by periodically querying the Sitecore history table for changes. This can get in the way of developers when they are debugging Sitecore pipelines. Auto-Sync is not disabled when the debugger is attached to a process.
Bug Fix: Improve project file parsing
In some cases, TDS didn’t parse project file conditions and imports as well as expected when generating update packages. This has been resolved.