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At Hedgehog, we are truly committed to creating the best possible products for Sitecore developers. Our latest version of the best selling TDS Classic 5.8 is no exception. 

The new release of TDS 5.8 is Azure and Visual Studio 2019 Ready!! 

TDS Classic 5.8
March 07, 2019
Azure deployment and integration
Sitecore has embraced Azure and is using WebDeploy extensively in their deployment process. TDS will now generate a WebDeploy package as part of its build process. Installing the WebDeploy package will have the exact same result as installing the update package TDS generates or directly pushing items to Sitecore. This means all previous TDS features are now supported in a WebDeploy package simply by checking a checkbox in a property page. In addition to the WebDeploy package TDS will also create a Powershell script that will publish the WebDeploy package to Azure using the publish profile generated by Azure.
As part of the improvement to the WebDeploy process the deploy script will generate status messages and will be significantly faster than using any other Sitecore deployment packaging technology.
- TDS creates a WebDeploy package that is compatible with any Sitecore website using MSDeploy as part of its deployment process.
- TDS supplies a Powershell script to deploy the generated packages to Azure using Azure publish profile.
- TDS has an Azure WebDeploy specific property page allowing package generation to be turned on for a specific build configuration.
Allow the user to set the SOAP connector timeout in the build property page
Slow AppPool recycle times can cause build failures if the service times out. The service timeout could be changed by editing a config file in the deployment script folder. Adding a timeout setting to the build property page makes this much easier to configure.
Sort project names in the multi-project screen check lists
This improves the usability of the product. The order of the items in the multi-project screen check lists was somewhat random and users have found this to be annoying. They are now always sorted alphabetically.
Better error message on package builder failure
Improved error message on package builder failure to help users more easily find build issues.
Handle “Blank” fields on standard values the same way we handle <null>
Update packages have not handled Standard values the same way other items were handled. When a field was set to <null> the package installer would not handle this correctly. This is now handled in a post-step as part of package installation.
Create “Placeholder” items in TDS that aren’t deployed, but exist in the project
Sitecore items like “Templates, Layouts, and Media Library” can be excluded from the deployment while allowing their child items to be deployed. TDS now supports a deployment type called “Placeholder” which allows items to exist in the project but never be synced or deployed. Items under the placeholders will not inherit placeholder status when they are created. Root items will always be placeholders by default.
Add a solution right click menu to add/update the TDS_Global.config.user file
A solution right-click menu item was added to allow developers to create the .user file, much like they have the ability to create the .user file for each project.
TDS toolbar in VS
TDS right-click menu items have been added to a Visual Studio toolbar. The toolbar helps developers quickly access TDS features.
Allow TDS to run Validators from the right-click menu
This allows developers to quickly find issues in their project without having to run a full build.
Integrate Razl Field specific editors into Item Merge Tool
The Razl field specific editor was integrated into the item merge tool. This improves the user experience when merging .item files between branches.
Make TDS Sync all projects follow project dependency order. (#14139, #14099)  
Sync all project now syncs all projects in dependency order.
We put the metadata elements on the same line in the project file
TDS will now reformat the .scproj file so the metadata items are on the same line as the <SitecoreItem>. This makes merging the project file between branches much easier.
Regenerate code for all projects at the solution level
Allows the user to rebuild generated code in all projects from a right-click menu and button on the new TDS toolbar.
Reduce the messages in Sync window
Users have complained about a lot of pop-ups when reparenting or removing items in the sync window. TDS now has an option to suppress those pop-ups.
Highlight deployment properties in the Sync window
Items with deployment properties set can be highlighted in the sync window using the highlight dropdown.
Scan for .item files in the file system but not in the project
There is a new validator that finds .item files that are in the file system but not in the project.
Display indication of lightning deploy in the Quick Push window.
The Quick Push status window will show a lightning bolt icon if lightning push is enabled.
Bug Fixes
- Added custom code data to the NuGet package.
- Fixed dialog issues with high resolution displays.
- Reduce the # of error dialogs Autosync shows when connecting to Sitecore and there are issues.
- Trim leading/trailing spaces from company name and key when it is added/updated.
- Switch forward slashes to back slashes in code generation file.
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