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5.8 coud
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Download TDS Classic 5.8 and let the fun begin!
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Don't forget to let us know what you think; your feedback is invaluable. Please send all feedback to our beta team.

Video Gallery
Youtube video - first demonstration of all new features in TDS 5.0

Watch our first demonstration of all the new features in TDS 5.0.

Youtube video - a first look at Managing Sitecore Roles in TDS

This video will give you a first look at Managing your Sitecore Roles in TDS.

Youtube video on Sync Using History in TDS

This video demonstrates the Sync Using History feature in TDS 5.1.

YouTube video - a look into TDS Classic

The Hedgehog team provides a look into Team Development for Sitecore.

On-ramping a new developer is a cinch with TDS. Get latest & GO!

Youtube video on how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0

Learn how to do Field Level Deployments introduced in TDS 3.0!

Extend your Sitecore Builds
Build Extensions Whitepaper

Our Build Extensions strategy allows teams to have the most pristine and accurate testing environments possible. Read this to set up the best deployment strategy for you!

Read the TDS Classic Documentation
Read The Manual

We've created a complete manual that walks you through all the features within TDS Classic. Use this manual to find out some of the more unknown features.

Read the TDS Classic Documentation
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