With or Without TDS

Save Time, Accelerate Iteration

Team Development for Sitecore brings all your Sitecore schema into Visual Studio for syncing with a Source Control system. This is how developers are used to working, and that's no accident. TDS Classic was designed to fit smoothly into developer work flows and processes.

TDS Classic reduces Sitecore deployment time by leveraging continuous integration or an automated deployment strategy. An immense amount of time is saved by avoiding manual packaging and automating so projects build every time developers check in their code.

Using TDS is like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons overnight

With TDS Infographic illustrating the workflow with TDS Classic

Local databases prevent collisions, while continuous integration and automated deployments have been made easy. Developers can employ a full audit trace on Sitecore items, reverting changes is simple and quick, and Sitecore items and source code move together. Leveraging Source Control means that the constant changes made during the course of a project merge seamlessly, and that new additions to your team are quickly brought up to speed. 

Without TDS Infographic illustrating common workflow without TDS Classic

Collisions and other issues are caused by sharing a common database. There is no clear item ownership, and audit trace is missing. Reverting item changes is difficult, especially since code and items don’t move together.

For teams of three, TDS Classic provides $13,000 in savings over a 30 week project - equal to a 478% return on investment!

TDS Classic provides 478% ROI on Sitecore projects.

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