Living in a Better Habitat

TDS Within Helix

The ability to react to and evolve with both the market and our customer base is one of the many reasons      TDS is considered best of breed. Sitecore created the Helix architecture as a recommended way of building websites and created Habitat to demonstrate it. Habitat is a modular architecture, an approach to take to achieve an easily maintainable solution over time. TDS takes Habitat to the next level.

We're often asked if TDS is compatible with Sitecore Habitat. The answer is: absolutely! TDS and Habitat work very well together. When Habitat was released, we created a TDS branch of the Habitat demo site which is freely available in Github.  This branch also uses some of TDS's other features, removes the reliance on gulp and NPM, and leverages many of the features available in TDS 5.5.

Awesome New Features in TDS 5.5

Delta Builds only includes items in deployment/package if they are changed after the specified date.

Cloud Builds adds the TDS build components using a NuGet package.

Auto Deploy deploys content files as they're edited.

Sync New Features employs Sync Using History across multiple projects in a single Sync operation.

Auto Sync picks up changes from Sitecore and syncs the project automatically.

Post Deploy Steps creates custom steps to be executed after deployment and package install.   

Using TDS is like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons overnight

With TDS

Local databases prevent collisions, while continuous integration and automated deployments have been made easy. Developers can employ a full audit trace on Sitecore items, reverting changes is simple and quick, and Sitecore items and source code move together. Leveraging Source Control means that the constant changes made during the course of a project merge seamlessly, and that new additions to your team are quickly brought up to speed. 

Without TDS

Collisions and other issues are caused by sharing a common database. There is no clear item ownership, and audit trace is missing. Reverting item changes is difficult, especially since code and items don’t move together.

For teams of three, TDS Classic provides $13,000 in savings over a 30 week project - equal to a 478% return on investment!

TDS Classic provides 478% ROI on Sitecore projects.

Take the first step in creating your ideal Sitecore environment by downloading this free 30 day TDS Classic trial. Simply fill out this form and you will receive an email with your trial key. Happy Sitecore'ing!

                         Please note: The TDS Classic trial is a full-featured version with some license limitations:

  • The TDS Classic trial license is valid for 30 days.  A purchased key will be required after the trial ends. 

  • Trials are available for companies that have not previously purchased or trialed TDS Classic.
  •  Only corporate email addresses are accepted for the trial (no yahoo, gmail, aol, etc...)