Edit Front-End Assets with Feydra

August 02, 2018 | Andrew Karaptis

Feydra was created in response to a common question: How can front-end developers start working quickly on Sitecore assets like CSS and JS files without having to install and run the entire Sitecore project?

With Feydra the process is easy:

1. A Sitecore developer creates an integration server running the Sitecore project with a URL that all developers can visit.

2. The Sitecore developer installs Feydra and creates Feydra accounts and sandbox folders for each front-end developer on the integration server.

3. Front-end developers can pull code from the main source control repo and work with whatever front-end workflow tools they like on their local development computers, uploading each modified CSS and JS asset to their Feydra sandbox folders on the integration server and reviewing work in progress there.

4. Feydra’s unique sandbox/fallbox system allows front-end developers to see their latest edits in action on the integration server before those changes are committed or available for anyone else to see. It is also possible for anyone else to easily view the site with a specific front-end developer’s sandboxed edits if desired for QA purposes.

5. Once a front-end change is complete and tested it can be committed and pushed to the source control repo by the front-end developer.

We’ve found this greatly reduces workflow friction for front-end developers. Their initial setup work for the project is reduced down to almost zero. They get to use whatever front-end workflow tools and code editors they prefer. The cost is basically just the bit of extra Sitecore setup work and the extra work front-end developers must do continually uploading their latest CSS and JS edits to their sandbox folders on the integration server, a task that can be automated to a large degree with npm/grunt/gulp/webpack/etc. watch processes.

Are you a Sitecore development agency facing friction whenever you work with outside design and front-end development agencies, or a front-end development agency searching for a smooth Sitecore workflow? Contact us to explore how Feydra can benefit your Sitecore front-end integrations.


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