TDS 5.6 Feature Spotlight - Quick Push

February 07, 2017 | Joe Hicks

This is a great tool for “quickly pushing” items from your TDS project to your Sitecore tree. It comes in very handy when you are working in a large team that is constantly checking in updates. Sometimes It can take a while to do a full deploy on a large project; in those cases, it might be beneficial to just push new items over quickly rather than going through a deployment. It can also save time you’d otherwise spend going through the sync window and looking for changes, trying to figure out which items need to be pushed to TDS and which items need to be pushed to Sitecore.

(updated 3.2019) Note that in TDS Classic 5.6, Quick Push just pushed the items in the order they are in the tree, so dependencies were not evaluated. In TDS Classic 5.7 and up, Quick Push will push the items in an order according to their dependencies (templates first, then content items that rely on those templates....etc.).

Here’s how it works. We start with an empty instance of Sitecore:

 Sitecore Empty Instance


In our TDS project we have 3 test items under home

 Test TDS Items Under Home

All we have to do is right-click our “Home” item and click Quick Push and it will push the content item as well as all children under it to our Sitecore instance.

 Select TDS Quick Push

Now if we go back to Sitecore, we can see the items have been pushed over

TDS Items Pushed Over

TDS 5.6 has a number of new features that, just like Quick Push, are geared toward improving developer productivity. Check out the full list, or skip to the good stuff and download 5.6.  


Updated: Version 5.8 has been released.  Discover it here: