Razl 4.0: Compare Editors for Complex Fields

March 15, 2018 | Charlie Turano

Razl 4.0 introduces a new function for comparing and moving complex field values in Sitecore. The Sitecore database stores all data as string values, and finding the differences between complex types can be difficult when viewed in their raw format.

Previously, only the first part of the field would display; a user would know the fields were different but had no way of SEEING that they were different. This new view allows a user to not only see the differences between the two editors but allows them to copy the missing pieces over easily.

Razl 4.0 does this by adding custom parsing for multi-list and XML formatted values to show a side-by-side comparison of the values. In addition to formatting the values for readability, Razl will also locate any item ID’s in the raw text and show the item path in place of the ID. This makes determining the differences between fields on an item much simpler than any other means of comparing the values.

This new feature is in line with our top goal for all our products: helping our users get their work done faster. We’ve added other performance improvements and streamlined workflow to Razl 4, including a toolbar search function, which allows developers to use the internal Sitecore search to find items. We've also improved multi-selection of items to make the tool much easier to use and improve the user experience with Deep Compare. Check out the other new features of Razl 4.0 or download your own copy today!

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