Razl 4.0: Multi-Threaded Copy

March 06, 2018 | Charlie Turano

The Razl function to copy items and sub items from one database to another has been enhanced in version 4.0 to allow more than one items to be copied at once, which dramatically improves the performance of copy operations.

What problem does this solve? Well, it’s just a lot faster. There are a few caveats to this; users will want to consider how much data they can move in and out of Razl (using a modem, it will be slower no matter what) and how strong their sequel server is. As always, users will need to balance speed with the needs of their organization, but generally this feature improves the speed of the operation.

The user can easily configure the number of read and write operations for a given server; this allows the user to balance speed of the copy operation against the amount of capacity the server has. The new functionality, when combined with Lightning Mode, allows very large content trees to be quickly moved between databases. Users are now limited only by available bandwidth.

Users can manage the multi-thread settings in the Sitecore Connection Manager in Razl:

Window of Razl Sitecore Connection Manager 

Users will also have the option to add them here during installation:

Window for choosing multi-threaded options database 

Note: Choosing a large number of threads could cause performance problems on the server(s) that users are working with. We have found that the default of 4 threads is a good balance between performance of the copy operation and server load. Choosing numbers greater than 15 is unlikely to yield performance benefits.

We’ve added even more performance improvements and streamlined workflow to our latest release - learn more about the great new features of Razl 4.0 or download your own copy today!

Razl 4 Charlie Turano