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How do I configure TDS Classic to connect to other Sitecore databases?
Beginning with version 2.1 of TDS Classic, you can create a separate TDS Classic project for each database you wish to connect to. Simply add a new TDS Classic project to your solution, right click on the project name, select properties, and then on the General tab specify the Sitecore database you wish to connect to. By default, the Master database is selected.

To configure the deployment settings for additional projects do the following:

1.If you are using a .user file for the 1st project, then copy that to the 2nd TDS Classic project's location.
2.The "Source Web Project" setting should be left blank. This will prevent building twice and allow you to leave the "Deploy" folder blank.
3.The settings in the configuration manager can be the same.
Can I use TDS Classic to sync users and roles?
Included in TDS Classic 5.1 is the ability to Sync your Sitecore Roles into Visual Studio. Users are not currently supported with TDS Classic; however, we expect to add this feature in future releases.

To learn how easy Syncing Roles with TDS Classic is check out this short video.

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