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How do I install Feydra?
Feydra is supplied as Nuget packages. These contain the 2 DLLs and a configuration file that need to be deployed to the QA or design server (typically QA).
Installation with NuGet
Feydra is distributed as a .zip of NuGet packages. These packages can be added to a local NuGet feed to make them accessible to developers and the build process. To install Feydra, simply add the NuGet package Hedgehog.Feydra to a web application and the Feydra assembly is automatically installed. If the developer is using Sitecore, add the NuGet package Hedgehog.Feydra.Sitecore to the web application. The MVC core of Feydra consists of a single assembly called Hedgehog.Feydra.dll. If this file is present in the /bin folder of a website, Feydra will be available on that server. Deleting this file will remove Feydra. The Sitecore components of Feydra consist of two additional files. These are Hedgehog.Feydra.SC.dll and Z_Feydra.config. These are installed in the /bin and /App_Config/Include folders, respectively.

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