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The Virtual Sandbox - How Does it Work?

Feydra allows any MVC web application to host front-end development by creating virtual sandboxes for each front-end developer. A virtual sandbox is a virtualized environment in which front-end assets (css, js, cshtml, etc.) can be selectively replaced without disturbing the back-end functionality of the web application. This virtualization allows back-end developers to create stubs for front-end functionality without having the actual front-end assets available at development time. The front-end developers can hook-up the components as they become available without impacting back-end development.

Feydra also greatly improves front-end developers’ ability to maintain and update their portion of the web application. If there are issues with the front-end functionality of the site, a front-end developer can easily update the front-end assets in their virtual sandbox and test fixes against a working web application; all without the overhead of maintaining a full Sitecore development environment or MVC application.

Ultimately, Feydra is designed to allow front-end developers to use their preferred development environment; make their changes in a virtual sandbox and test by pushing their changes to a shared location (File share, FTP, etc.) using standard tools.

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