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How does Feydra overlap with SXA?
It doesn’t, really. If you use SXA, you won’t use Feydra, since all files go into the media library where FEDs can’t access them easily. Feydra solves one of the problems SXA does (the problem of serial processes by FEDs and BEDs) in a completely different way that retains the existing development tools and processes most teams are familiar with.
Can I just create a reusable set of unstyled components and do the same thing as SXA? That is, avoid paying for SXA?

No, for two reasons.

  1. There are typically two kinds of components to set up: simple ones that take 5 minutes, and complex ones that are unique to the project. So a reusable set only buys you an hour or so on the first type and is not applicable to the second type.
  2. You lose the entire drag and drop page construction that frees your marketing team to pump out pages without back end help.  SXA pays for itself on that alone in about 2 months.
When should I use SXA instead of Feydra?

Feydra is good for classic Sitecore development where you are doing a full implementation – a “from scratch” implementation with lots of customization or complex design.

SXA is a great fit when there is not a ton of complexity or when there is a lot of content managed components (or both). Feydra is probably a better choice when either budget is constrained or if the componentry will be complicated.

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