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The Sitecore Access Guid on the server doesn't match the Guid in the project. What does this mean?
The Sitecore Access Guid is set at the bottom of the Build Property Page. The Guid is also in Sitecore in the /_DEV/web.config file. This value is updated by TDS Classic during the build. Please verify that TDS Classic is writing the correct value to that file.

Do you have two TDS Classic projects in your solution? If you do, then the values in each of the build property pages need to match.
Do I need to do anything special to get Sitecore Rocks integration working?
TDS Classic and Rocks communicate through a special Rocks Plugin, called the TDS Classic Connector. Since Sitecore Rocks version, the TDS Classic Connector needs to be manually installed through Visual Studio.

Ensure that the latest versions of TDS Classic and Sitecore Rocks is installed.

Then, in Visual Studio, select Sitecore -> ‘Manage Plugins’ to bring up the Plugins dialog.

In the dialog select Online -> ‘Sitecore Rocks MyGet Gallery’.

Find the TDS Classic Connector from that list, and install it. Once installed, restart Visual Studio.
I am getting this deployment timeout error: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\HedgehogDevelopment\SitecoreProject\v9.0\HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.targets (312): Timeout deploying items /sitecore/templates/common/folder. Deployment Aborting.
There are several possible reasons for this. We recommend that you do/check the following before contacting support:
1.Are there any customizations to Sitecore, such as pipeline steps or dataproviders? These are the usual suspects with deployment timeouts.
2.Take a look at the "publishing targets" in your target cms. Is there a publishing target defined that doesn't exist in your target?
3.Is the target database is trying to grow its data or log file? If the growth is set to 10%, which is the default and the data or log file is really large, the growth time could be really long. If the file is almost full, you may want to grow it manually.

If you have checked 1,2, and 3 above and are still seeing an issue you can try and change the default timeout in the config file.

The config file that controls the deployment timeout, is set to 2 minutes by default. The file is located in the msbuild folder, which is usually called “C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\HedgehogDevelopment\SitecoreProject\v9.0” The config files is called “HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.Tasks.Dll.config”.

If you still feel the need to contact support, please have the following information ready:
1.Are there any exceptions or things of significance in the Sitecore log file in the /data/log folder and see if there are any errors in the log around the time you are trying to do the deployment?
2.Does the build deploy any items or is the 'folder' template the first thing it tries to deploy?
3.Are you able to use the sitecore desktop on the target instance without a problem?
How does Sitecore talk to Visual Studio?
Sitecore and Visual Studio communicate with each other via the Sitecore Connector. See the question: What is the Hedgehog Development Sitecore Connector (HDSC)? above for more details on the Sitecore Connector.
What is the Hedgehog Development Sitecore Connector (HDSC)?
The Hedgehog Development Sitecore Connector (HDSC) is a custom web service designed by Hedgehog Development to allow Team Development for Sitecore to directly manipulate Sitecore Items. The connector uses a GUID to prevent undesired access to the service. The connector operates in two modes; Development and Deploy Only.

In Development mode, the connector is installed permanently in the Sitecore installation. This is done by CHECKING the Install Sitecore Connector checkbox on the Build tab of the property page. This allows the developer to use the Sitecore connector to sync with the Sitecore database and to browse item templates at any time.

In Deploy Only mode, the connector is installed at the start of a deployment and removed when the deployment completes. This is done by NOT CHECKING the Install Sitecore Connector checkbox on the Build tab of the property page. This allows only a small window where the connector is available on the server. Additionally, a new random GUID is chosen at the start of every deployment.

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